It was absolutely brilliant!

Thanks! It was great.

A really entertaining act delivered with enthusiasm.

The show wasn’t just entertaining for children, but for the entire audience. Well done!

Hasan puts on a great act for both young and old. Really great fun.

Although it was a late booking, you dealt with everything immediately.
We also received positive reactions from our guests.
Everything worked like clockwork.
Everyone enjoyed it.

A great success!
We will keep you in mind for another event.

We had already been entertained by his colleague Ice Cream Ali.
But we would be happy to have Ice Cream Hasan back too.

It was an entertaining act.
Made us all laugh.

Great act and a great hit.
A Friendly and talented performer.

The visitors really enjoyed Ice Cream Hasan.
I will keep him in mind for other events.
Thanks for your excellent co-operation.

Dear Mr. Lintermans, first we would like to thank you. With the artist "Eis Hasan" we were very contented and value his performance as well as service for your part with pleasure with "very good". We would be glad about a renewed cooperation. Till then all the best.